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Entire Engine & Transmission assembly:

To demonstrate how large of a scan EinScan-S can handle in a single session we have prepared this scan. With over 9 Gigabytes of data, this scan is very large and filled with useful data for building a CAD model. EinScan-S is capable of capturing textures as well, we do not typically use this feature for our design purposes.

3D Scanning - Automotive

Full size automotive transmission assembly:

This is a sealed mesh model of a automobile transmission. Spheres have been placed at the ends of bolts and shafts to speed up the process of finding accurate center lines for holes. SolidWorks has special add-ins that are capable of taking this scan data and helping you create a clean 3D model from the data. For CAD modeling purposes we think of EinScan-S as an advanced method to measure your entire object quickly so you can produce a detailed model faster than any other method in this price range.

Engine Pan Casting:

This scan is of a alloy casting which attaches to the bottom of an engine we are working on for a project. Completely sealed and free from defects is what makes this scan stand apart from many others. Optical stereoscopic scanning equipment can struggle getting scan data from deep cavities. EinScan-S was able to not only gather such data from this object, but also able to maintain alignment between scans even as the inside surface transitioned from one side to the other. This is a great example of how capable this scanner truly is.

Introducing: EinScan-S

State of the art scanning technology that is now affordable!

We worked directly with Shining 3D to help develop the EinScan-S package into a highly capable scanner.

With advanced automatic mesh alignment algorithms and features added to allow for seamless import into CAD programs like SolidWorks, EinScan-S is a great addition to any design studio. Within minutes you can be scanning without any prior training. With the turntable you can automate the scanning process for smaller, simpler objects. With it's own advanced mesh decimation simplification algorithms now built in, you can get your mesh the density you want without having to resort to using multiple other meshing programs. 

Have a larger, more complex object? No problem! EinScan-S can handle that too. With the "free scan" mode the scanner is placed on a tripod and overlapping scans are performed around the scan object. Mesh alignment is automatic and with the right technique alignment is assured. For those times the data is misaligned, manual alignment can be performed as required. All the scan images on our website were scans we performed ourselves with the EinScan-S 3D Scanner.